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Jan 26, 2022 By Susan Kelly

This simple net worth assessment, on the other hand, may be inadequate for certain situations. Your "tangible" net worth is the sum of all of your tangible assets less the total amount of all of your obligations if you have copyright or other IP.

What is Net worth?

All of your assets are subtracted from your obligations to arrive at your net worth. That which you possess less what you still owe is your net worth. You have a negative net worth if you owe more than you possess. You'll have a positive net worth if you possess more than you owe. Calculate your net worth and see how it may increase (or decrease) over the next 10 years with the aid of this tool.

You might think of tangible net worth as your net worth multiplied by the amount of your assets and liabilities. All goodwill copyrights, and patents, as well as any other intangible assets, are deducted from this total.

Using tangible net worth, the liquidation value of a business would be determined if it were to cease operations or be sold. If a lender asks for a "actual" net worth figure, borrowers seeking personal or small business loans may be required to give this information.

Since your tangible net worth offers a more realistic picture of your finances and the amount of money the lender might collect if you failed on their loan, your lender may be interested in this information.

How do you calculate net worth?

You must do an inventory of your assets and liabilities before determining your net worth. Including assets that you may still be paying for, like a vehicle or a home, when we say own. If your home has a market value of $200,000 and your mortgage debt is $150,000, you may increase your net worth by $50,000.

Basically, the formula is:


A net worth assessment doesn't include your income, by the way. People might make a lot of money, but if they spend all of it, they'll end up with a poor net worth. When it comes to accumulating money and a high net worth, even persons with low salaries may do so, provided they invest in assets that appreciate in value and are careful savers.

Why is Net worth Important?

A person's net worth is important since it provides a high-level indicator of their financial development. You may utilize your net worth estimate in a variety of ways depending on your long-term objectives. Consider the following four other aims as possibilities:

  • Maintain a Healthy Net Worth - If your aim is to maintain a healthy financial state, you should expect to see consistent gains in your personal wealth. Be sure to check your net worth on a frequent basis - at least once every two months works well.

  • In order to achieve financial freedom, you need keep an eye on your debt-to-income ratio to ensure that it is decreasing. Not having any obligations is the definition of being debt-free.

  • With a million dollar target in mind, your emphasis will be on accumulating an impressive seven-figure fortune. Real estate, equities, and other types of mutual funds are all examples of investments that may grow in value over time.

  • In the midst of retirement preparation, it's best not to take on any new responsibilities. Instead, concentrate on expanding your retirement fund. At this stage in your life, focus on assets that can be quickly turned into cash.
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