Apple Credit Card Review: Everything You Need To Know

Jan 13, 2022 By Triston Martin


The Apple Card, Apple Inc.'s much-hyped new credit card, went on sale in August 2019. The Apple Pay card is indeed a Mastercard. However, it's not a "new sort of credit card," since Apple's media release says. However,It doesoffer a slightly new way to earn cash prizes, repaying a percentage of buyers in cash prizes every day; a different user experience, which works either as a digital payment tool and also as a physical card; a few financial management characteristics; and no extra costs. Here we will do a complete apple credit card reviewto understand it.


1.Earn 1% to 3% cashback on your purchases

This card gives you money back every time you buy something. Apple calls this "Daily Cash." The sum of cash you make depends upon what you purchase and how you pay for it. Generally speaking, the three savings reward stages that other cashback credit cards have are about the same as many cash back credits and debit cards. It is possible to get cash back every day for buying Apple products right away. The money is deposited into your Apple paycard right away.

2.No fee charges

Many credit card businesses are scaling back on charges. However, the Apple Card doesn't have any at all. Not standard fees, such as those for a year. Not for things such as delayed payment or heading over your credit boundary, but not for something like that. There aren't any "special-event" individuals, such as for an overseas money transfer or even a currency trading.

3.Apple Pay is very easy to work with

The Apple Card can only be utilized with the Apple Pay application. Apple Pay lets you charge for things online and in stores with your phone. You could put your card in the Wallet application installed and then log in to utilize it. When you already use Apple Pay to buy things, it is a very comfortable card choice.

4.Allows you to pay for Apple products over time

Some other feature lets you pay for most Apple products over the period with no involvement. You don't have to choose Apple Card Monthly Payments when you shop at Apple stores, online or through the Apple Store Application. You'll be able to pay reduced monthly fees with no interest.


1.If you're not using Apple Pay, your reward rate is very low

Apple Pay isn't available at every store yet. It doesn't imply you can't utilize your Apple Card to buy itemsat differentstores. However, it does indicate that you get 1 percent Everyday Cashback on your items purchased.

2.It needs an iPhone to use

To utilize the Apple Card, you need to get a new iPhone. Only when you don't, you can't. Whether you have an iPhone with iOS 15.1.1 or afterwards, it will work. You must ownan iPhone to use it. That isn't good for individuals who use Android and get an older iPhone,which can't be upgraded, because they can't use the app.


It's possible to get things for free. The Apple card has the following prize rates:

  • Apple gives you 3% cashback on anything you purchase.
  • Pay usingthe Apple card on your iPhone or Apple Watch and get 2% cashback.
  • Receive 1% cashback on everything else you spend.

The security features

Apple Card has a lot of security characteristics, like real-time scam prevention. A particular device amount that's kept in your Safe Item, Face ID and Touch ID access, and encoding of your payments make this card as safe as Apple Pay is. To be extra safe, the real Apple Card doesn't includeyour credit card details and CVV number written on it. You'll have to get this safe credit cardto purchase at places that don't acknowledge Apple Pay. Unless you lose your credit card or it's theft, you can blockit quicklyvia the Wallet applicationif you want to keep it safe.


The Apple Card is still very new. Apple made significant adjustments to the card soon after it came out, and they may keep doing so. Gaining the Apple Card right now sounds reasonable when you already utilize Apple Pay to buy things. You prefer the concept of a fee-free card,which gives you money back. The perfect prize rate is once you spend money on Apple products or at a few partner stores that give you 3% cashback. Apple offers 2% cash back bonuses thataren’t bad, but there are cards,which can give you good cash prizes, no matter which smartphone payment app you areusing.

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